99 Bottles of Beer on The Wall- an Interactive Installation

Remember that old song about the bottles of beer on the wall? Well, it’s about to happen for real!

This Wednesday night at the Store Buyout Gallery (Fusion Arts Museum), 99 of the bottles of beer purchased at Hercules’ Fancy Grocery will be available to taste, guzzle and cheers in this one-time-only event/art piece. The performance will be filmed and sent to every rest stop along the information super highway, to inspire beer lovers for generations to come.

To take part, please rsvp: “email ((at)) storebuyout.com”

Price per slot: $40

Facebook Event: HERE

What you get:
Taste 99 different bottles of international beer. Star in a film that will define the ‘99 bottles of beer’ genre for at least an afternoon. Meet the artists behind Store Buyout and play a part in their next project.

Filming begins at 8.30pm sharp!

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