Hey. Kyle here.  One day many moons ago I came up with an idea:

“Let’s walk into a store and buy everything. Everything’s for sale…but nobody ever buys everything. What will happen if we do?”

I’d had a couple brews at the time and it seemed like the best idea ever.

Five years later I mentioned the idea to Jody and she said, “Well, if you’re going to buy out a store in New York, then it has be Hercules Fancy Grocery.” Jody had known Hercules for years. She’d recently learned he was about to lose his lease and faced imminent closure. He needed fast cash to pay creditors and stave off eviction. If we bought everything in his store, we could help him considerably.

Buying everything in a store was no longer just drunk talk. It was drunk talk that, if acted upon, could change a man’s life for the better.

Gary, Fiddy and I bought one way tickets to New York City and met up with Jody and Hal. The plan was to walk into Hercules Fancy Grocery and just ‘make it happen.’ None of us had enough cash to buy everything in a store so we did the next best thing. I went into the bank and took out $20,000 in credit card cash advances to fund the operation.

On May 20th, 2011, we tossed the cash into a briefcase, walked into Hercules Fancy Grocery, and bought every single item in his store. Hercules was surprised at first, then tear-in-eye emotional, then very, very happy. After six hours of extreme retail, the store was completely empty. All that remained was an elated and exhausted Hercules with his trusty cat Sneaky in his arms.

Oh hey look, here’s a video!

We’re doing a variety of fundraising activities with the items we purchased.

We’ve turned many the items from the store into art you can buy.

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