Why did you do this?
We found out that Hercules was possibly going to lose his store and thought it’d be nice to give him his best sales day ever.

How much was the total purchase price?
The original purchase receipt is for sale for $18,187.93 Read more about it here.

Where’d you get the money to buy everything?
High-interest credit card cash advances.  

Isn’t that kinda a stupid way to get the money?
Well, it was really our only option.  None of us had that sort of cash lying around and we didn’t think a bank would see this as a very practical business plan.  Fast cash and action was the name of the game.

What did you do with all the items once you bought them?
We put everything in a U-Haul van across the street until we found an art gallery to store all the stuff and create our art exhibition. It took exactly six parking tickets to find an art gallery.

Did you pay full price for everything in the store as well as sales tax?
Yes.  The full price was paid for each and every item.  We paid more than $1000 in tax alone.

Did you actually buy EVERYTHING in the store?
Yes, we bought every single item that was for sale. We wanted to buy Hercules’ cat, Sneaky, but he wasn’t for sale. Too bad. Sneaky is a great cat!

What kind of cat is Sneaky?
He is a very Sneaky cat. So sneaky we don’t know what kind of cat he is.

For real?
Yes, we have no idea.

Are you going to buy out other stores?
Yes, absolutely. We need to get our finances in order and some funding locked down first. As soon as we do we’re acquired funding for future store buyouts, we’re going to go on the biggest shopping spree the world has ever seen.

*If you want to help fund future store buyouts, please contact us via the contact page.

I have a store.  Can you come buy me out?
We only buyout stores as a total surprise. If you contact us and beg us to buy you out, you get put on the naughty list and we won’t consider coming to your store.

I watched the video and saw Hercules ringing up items while wearing The Power Glove. Does he love The Power Glove?
Of course he loves The Power Glove. It’s so bad.

When do you walk into stores and buy everything?
Anywhere, at anytime.