Ashton Hole
W&W’s - c1886

Composition in candy, covered in candy, then coated in candy.

A profound statement against the refusal of the commercial food industry to accept blame for the rise in obesity amongst our nation’s youth, this piece, quite literally, turns everything on its head. Instead of the classic “M&M” representing the surnames of confectionary billionaires Forrest Mars, Sr. and Bruce Murrie, this piece is emblazoned with “W&W”, representing Jamal Winfield and Cathy Wisnowski, two children from Quarryville Pennsylvania who both suffer from juvenile diabetes. The artist originally intended for Jamal (age 12, weight 681 lbs.) and Cathy (age 7, weigth 1,433 lbs.) to have been there for the unveiling of this piece. However, their custom-built industrial crane is still being excavated from the sinkhole on US Route 422 – ironically, just outside of Hershey Pennsylvania.

Limited edition of 17.

Price: $